Even though you are exploring these uncharted areas, may also interact the area LGBTQI+ events for example the pleasure and range festivities in Aarhus, FanA?, Aalborg and Odense.


Even though you are exploring these uncharted areas, may also interact the area LGBTQI+ events for example the pleasure and range festivities in Aarhus, FanA?, Aalborg and Odense.

Learn a bit of all of our satisfied facts

We do not must tell you that there has to be equal proper for those it doesn’t matter whom you love, but this clear individuals great remains a thing that has to be combated for a number of instances of worldwide. We’re pleased to state that Denmark has become a frontrunners of homosexual right in the past 80 a very long time.

The real history of our LGBTQI+ area act an important part of Denmark’s modern history. It with the core of our own growth, and our very own advanced and comprehensive way of thinking. So we simply want to receive you with available life (which is the reason you want to are available visit us).

technique: you will get much more about several of the most vital milestones within the Danish LGBTQI+ group by hitting the box below.

10 goals your LGBTQ society

1933: Denmark decriminalise same-sex connections

Denmark am among the first region on earth to decriminalise same-sex family between boys, which had before recently been reprimanded with area program. Same-sex connections between women had, however, not ever been effortlessly illegal for that reason this regards was not based on neither bar nor decrimilisation.

1948: the initial Danish LGBTQ focus party

The organization that is definitely nowadays usually LGBT Danmark extends back to 1948, which positions it one of the globe’s first found LGBTQ organizations.

1955: The eldest homosexual bar worldwide

CentralhjA?rnet is located in Copenhagen’s traditional Latin one-fourth and is thought to be the world’s earliest gay pub. It open in 1917, exactly where it was known as someplace for males in order to reach some other guy until 1955 after club might be publicly generally a gay bar.

1986: The establisment of Copenhagen’s LGBTQ production Festival

The film badoo vs tinder festival which can be nowadays titled MIX Copenhagen ended up being created in 1986. Within the last partners of years, the event offers boycott films with cis-actors portraying trans people.

1989: Denmark legalises same-sex unions

Denmark had become the very first nation in this field to legalise same-sex unions in 1989, as well as the fundamental same-sex number to basically tie the knot got life-long LGBTQ activist Axel great companion Eigil. They said ‘I do’ at Copenhagen area Hall.

1996: 1st Copenhagen Great Pride

In the same year Copenhagen am the European resources of traditions, metropolis managed EuroPride. This became the start of the yearly Copenhagen satisfaction display (formerly called Mermaid pleasure).

2009: The World OutGames in Copenhagen

Constructing the acclaim for the 2003 EuroGames in Copenhagen, the city located the whole world OutGames last year. The entire area got dressed up in rainbow colour and more than 5,500 sports athletes from 98 region been to the function.

2012: equivalent nuptials was died

It obtained a little bit beyond essential for Denmark to get from legalising same-sex unions to driving a charges enabling identical matrimony for a lot of. But in 2012 Denmark became the 12th land on earth to allow for same-sex marriages.

2014-17: Better right for trans individuals

Denmark had become the earliest American place to permit trans folks to need their unique lawful sex replaced without having to experience any surgeries or hormone treatment options.

This work am implemented awake in whenever Denmark took over as the very first country on the planet to depathologise trans people which known precisely what the LGBTQ people (and also the majoriy with the Danish population) got recognized for many years: trans folks are definitely not emotionally ill.

2021: WorldPride and EuroGames

In 2021, Copenhagen will sponsor the first-ever joint WorldPride and EuroGames wherein there’ll generally be countless occasions happening through 11-day festival. We’ll also be enjoying five LGBTQ-related anniversaries, for example the 25th anniversary for Copenhagen great pride.