The Jewish neighborhood in Armenia can trace the root straight back almost 2,000 many years to following devastation on the very first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem


The Jewish neighborhood in Armenia can trace the root straight back almost 2,000 many years to following devastation on the very first Jewish Temple in Jerusalem

These days, the Jewish populace in Armenia is approximately around 100 folks

Neighborhood Records

The Jewish society of Armenia dates back about 2,000 years. Most historians date the introduction of this basic Jewish settlement in Armenia back once again to the devastation from the 1st Temple. Throughout conquest of master Tigranes II the fantastic, Tigranes lead with him 10,000 Jewish captives to Armenia when he retreated from Palestine, as a result of the Roman approach on Armenia (69 B.C.E.). By 360-370 C.E., there was a massive upsurge in Jewish Hellenistic immigration into Armenia; many Armenian villages turned into predominately Jewish. During this period, but the Persian Shapur II began deporting a large number of Jews to Iran.

Halakhic scientific studies never prospered in Armenia, although there are a few sources with the region in Jewish Hellenistic supply. During Medieval occasions, most of Armenian Jewry vanished as a definite organization in your community, although a lot of historians believe they became an integral part of the Kurdish Jewry. There was an old Jewish cemetery located in the area for Vayots Dzor, from inside the city of Eghegis, south and to the west of Yerevan. There are other than 40 tombstones dating back towards the 13th millennium, 16 tombstones with Hebrew and Aramaic inscriptions.

Jews from Poland and Persia first began showing up in Armenia in early nineteenth century. Since 1840, Jewish settlers set up both Ashkenazic and Sephardic communities in Yerevan. To 1924, the Sephardic synagogue, Shiek Mordechai, was actually a leading institution among the Jewish area.

After and during World War II, a huge selection of displaced Jews transferred to Soviet Armenia. The Jewish people of Armenia increased to around 5,000 anyone. In 1959, the Jewish people peaked in Soviet Armenia at about 10,000 someone. Another revolution of Jewish immigrants arrived in the nation between 1965 and 1972, mostly intelligentsia, military, and engineers. These Jews showed up from Russia and Ukraine, interested in the greater number of liberal community. Today, the Jewish community provides under 1,000 people because of emigration and absorption. Between 1992 and 1994, over 6,000 Jews immigrated to Israel because of Armenia’s governmental isolation and economic depression. In 1995, the Chabad residence ended up being established in Yerevan. The Chabad home supplies no-cost dinners, supplies courses in Hebrew and Jewish practices, and cares for all the society elderly.

The rate of intermarriage among Jews and Christian Armenians is really large. In a job interview, Rabbi Berstein associated with Yerevan Chabad explained the Jewish society as “‘too tiny’ becoming of good interest to the majority of Jewish organizations.” Nearly 50 % of the Jewish inhabitants resides in Yerevan. Seven, Yerevan and Vanadzor has energetic Jewish people stores.

At the start of 2002, Rimma Varzhapetian became the chairman of Jewish area of Armenia. The only rabbi in Armenia was Rabbi Gershom Meir Berstein associated with the Chabad in Yerevan. In 2004, the Jewish community, through aid of Chabad, began making kosher delicacies. Gradually, the Jewish neighborhood are rebuilding it self in Armenia.

Area Businesses

The US Jewish Joint Distribution panel (JDC) is extremely active in Armenia aiding older people, through the charity Orot Hesed. The JDC works through the Yerevan synagogue to produce budget for delicacies supplies, fuel, and medicine. This program supporting almost 80 visitors.

The Jewish people of Armenia (JCA) in Yerevan additionally sponsors products for Jews. In belated 2002, the JCA printed the community’s basic publication.

The Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) maintains a sunday-school, a Hesed elder heart, a few young people bars and communal strategies in Armenia. The spiritual Society of Armenia also supports the next sunday-school and a summer camp, both located in Yerevan. Menorah, the Armenia-Israel customs people, performs lots of recreation locally. Todays Hebrew was coached in the state institution since 1995.

In 1992, the Jewish Religious society of Armenia ended up being created in Yerevan. This Chabad organization maintains a rabbi, the third sunday-school in Armenia and a residential district heart for training and events. It also supports a summer camp and charity products. You will find once a week Shabbat providers and getaway treatments used on Yerevan synagogue. Since 1997, the Jewish Religious Community has actually printed the publication, Koelet, in order to keep town updated.

There’s also a little Jewish community in Sevan that sporadically holds service brought by the mind rabbi regarding the Yerevan Synagogue.


Usually, Jews and Armenian Christians experienced close interaction. Both organizations has ancient cultural and religious root in Armenia which have aided all of them through latest persecutions. Nevertheless, Jews are considered aliens in Armenia and not complete citizens.

Anti-Semitism do can be found in Armenia, though it cannot take place often. Such as, in March 2002, Romen Yepiskoposyan released an anti-Semitic book. Additionally the mass media and neighborhood authorities initiated a boycott with the Holocaust memorial.

Because of Armenia and Turkey’s bring bad union over the years, a lot of the anti-Semitism in Armenia comes from the great interactions between poultry and Israel together with U . S ..

People Relations

The Armenian Jewish community has great connections using their government. Armenian Jewry may worship and practice Jewish customs freely because of the 1991 Armenian Law on versatility of Conscience, amended in 1997, of separation of chapel and condition. In 1996, the state registration department required every public organization to join up with all the county. The Jewish Religious society of Armenia is actually signed up using Committee on Nationalities.

In 1999, the JCA grown woods in Yerevan in commemoration of the Holocaust and also the Armenian Genocide Memorial.

A state-sponsored channel broadcasts a weekly tv program highlighting Jewish and Israeli community. The Armenian national has additionally been cooperating using the Jewish people to access Torah scrolls confiscated before and placed in condition choices.